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All requisite infrastructures are available in the School to provide the children with the facilities needed for quality education as well as complete and wholesome experience not only in the academic sphere but also in the cultural, sports and spiritual spheres.

School Library

The library is very effective in broadening the horizons of the children and keeps them entertained, educated and well informed. The school library provides wide range of books, audio-visual material and periodicals on different subjects. It also subscribes selected periodicals, journals, magazines and newspapers.



Modern and well-equipped science laboratories are available in the school. The Labs have the requisite essential equipment for conducting practicals for the integrated science course at the Secondary School Stage, and for the Physics, Chemistry and Biology practical at the Senior Secondary Stage, as per the requirement of the new curricula and scheme of studies laid down by the CBSE.

Physics Lab

The school has physics lab with ample equipment to perform experiments in various branches of physics, starting from mechanics, properties of matter, optics, electronics, sound etc.


Chemistry Lab

The lab is well equipped with modern day sophisticated apparatus, equipment and requisite chemicals. Some of the modern day equipment available to the students are polarimeter, conductivity meter, a vacuum pump for suction filtration and all borosilicate glassware.


Biology Lab

The school has a spacious, well equipped and furnished laboratory. It has many digital, monocular and binocular microscopes. It has all the required apparatus, specimens, charts, various models and slides that are required for a sound learning.

Computer Laboratory

A well-developed Computer Laboratory with Multimedia Projector and Internet facilities are available within the School campus. All students are given practical computer knowledge. Besides this Mathematics laboratory is also available as per the CBSE norms.


Smart Classroom

The School has Smart Class rooms with Internet Facilities and are regularly used for teaching so that the children get exposed to computer-aided-teaching.

Prayer Hall

The school has a big prayer hall befitting the educational philosophy of the school. It is the most sacred place of the school premises where daily prayers and meeting are organized.



The school has spacious, airy and comfortable auditorium with big podium and a seating capacity for 750 people. The state-of-the-art sound system ensures that each word is clearly audible to the audience seated in the hall. It is used for annual function and various cultural /social celebrations.

Sports and Games

The school provides sports facilities for the students to encourage and develop healthy competition, character building and physical stamina, and team spirit. Inter house competitions are organized in various indoor and outdoor games such as, Kho-Kho, Badminton, Table tennis, Volleyball and Track events etc. The Annual sports day is celebrated in the month of October/ November where all the parents of the students are invited.

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