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Hostel Regulations

“The hostel is a home where each live for the other and all live for god” says Sri Sathya Sai Baba every student is given the opportunity and necessary training to develop his/her character suffused with human qualities such as Love, Co-operation, Sacrifice and Forbearance. In this process, every student is expected to behave in the most disciplined manner and abide by the following regulations:


All students should wear decent and unostentatious dress. They should have short, neat and well-groomed hair and not to support moustache, beard or long side burns.


Humility is the firm foundation for the making of a Noble Character. Every student will practice obedience and respect to elders and brotherliness with co-boarders.


“God’s voice is heard in the depth of silence,” therefore, the students should maintain perfect silence and not indulge in ideally gossips and loud talks.


There is no provision for leaving hostel without permission. Overnight stay outside hostel is forbidden.


Students are allowed to go home only during vacations and duly authorized leave along with the parents/guardian and submitting ID proof at the time of Admission.


Visitors are not allowed to enter the hostel premises. Parents and guardians are requested to visit their wards, preferably only on second Sunday of every month between 9am to 5pm. In case of any urgent situation, they may meet their wards, with the permission of the Principal with the consent of chief administrator during the class hours.


Telephonic conversation with parents is allowed on telephone mobile number 98161-06607, 88948-52975 and 88948-48936

6:45am -7:45am
Class I(Girls) / Class XI(Girls)
Class X(Girls) / Class XI(Boys)
Class I(Boys)
Class II(Girls)
Class IX(Girls)
Class II(Boys)
Class III(Girls)
Class VIII(Girls)
Class III(Boys)
Class IV(Girls)
Class X(Boys)
Class IV(Boys)
Class V(Girls)
Class IX(Boys)
Class V(Boys)
Class VI(Girls)
Class VIII(Boys)
Class VI(Boys)
Class VII(Girls)
Class VII(Boys) (7:45am-8:45am)


Punctuality and regularity in classes, prayers, tests, examinations and all co-curricular Activities in the school and the hostel are compulsory. In case the student is unable to attend class/programme or any of other programmes, on account of illness, he/she is required to seek permission/leave from the Principal and Warden.


Early to bed and early to rise is good for health. Hence the students should go to bed soon after night prayer.


Besides text-books students are permitted to read spiritual literature and magazines such as Nav Sarthi, Bhagwan’s Journal, Bal Vikas, and Magazine which build strong and pure mind.


‘Cleanliness is Godliness’. Hence all the students are required to maintain high standard of personal cleanliness of room and its surroundings with the feeling of personal property.


The students can’t keep cash with them.


Personal possession of tape recorder or transistor, video games, mobile phones, electronic gadgets etc are not allowed.


In the interest of the child, the parents are advised to meet the Principal, Warden and the Wing teacher at least twice in a term between 9am to 1pm on second Sunday to know the performance of their Ward.


Students must participate in all spiritual practices with proper enthusiasm. As this institution is found to promote Spiritual Awareness students should willingly make efforts to develop spiritual strength.


Any breach of the above rules and regulations by the students after proof will be dealt seriously. Also, a student may be expelled from the hostel and the school at any time if his/her behaviour is found unsatisfactory.


The parents /guardians may submit undertaking on prescribed Performa.

Guidelines to the Parents/Guardians

The parents/guardians are requested to note the following points:


The school calendar is well defined scheduled of Tests, Terminal Examinations, vacations, curricular activities etc. is made available with the commencement of the academic session every year. Wards have to be pickup and drop as per the dates given in the calendar.


Students are strictly not permitted to keep any money or other valuable with them.


Please do not bring any eatables to their ward during visiting day.


Any child having health problem of any kind must submit photocopy of the medical report and prescription as advised by the doctor so that proper care may be taken.


Each student’s welfare funds will be maintained by the student’s storekeeper. Every student maintains a recoverable expenses account in the school store. The expenses incurred by him/her on the items issues from the school store will be settled at the end of each session.


Boys must have proper haircut before they report back to hostel.


Personal clothing and other items must be brought along as per the list given in the prospectus.

“Parents are requested to reside their telephone conversation with the word to a maximum of three minutes in view of many incoming calls.” No Telephone talk is allowed during examination.

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