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Image by Kelli Tungay


Sri Sathya Sai Senior Secondary School at 'Anand Vilas', Pujarli, Shimla is an ancient Gurukul' or modern hermitage with all modern amenities and facilities. It is residential School, where Modern Technology and Teaching, Serenity and Silence and Science and Spirituality are synthesized. It is a place where the students are made aware of academic curricula, modern advances in Science and skill along with their participation in Bhajans, Mantra recitation and group activities, and outplay in sport and art activities. Thus it may lead to the integral development of intellect and institution. It is to live on practicing the philosophy of Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who says,


 "Money comes and goes,

Morality comes and grows,

Love flows,

And Lust is thorn."


The school aims at inculcating the good habits in students that shall go a long way in life. More the toughness, more the sheen comes in life. Men may come, men may go, but lustre of Institution will remain forever. This Institute is an example of awareness and dedication, love and morality and keenness for the welfare of the child. Let us all contemplate on it and live up to Ideals of Sai and to the Glory of name of Sai. May the parents, the members of the teaching profession and children make best use of this opportunity by their association with it! May Sai be ever with us as guide and guardian, our strength and sustenance, solace and support! And the life of all be happy.

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