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A Typical Day

A beautiful day begins with beautiful morning The day starts with early Morning Prayer, in which students and faculty pray to God to make their whole day precious or a fruitful day.the students assemble into the hall in silence and sit in neat rows. Soon the day begins with the powerful chanting of primordial sound “OM” thrice. As the sacred vibration spread in the air around the perfect silence that follow it is intensely felt for the next few minutes.


As we all know that “Food is God” so the food prayer is recited and then the children eat in silence. Everybody enjoys the nourishing and tasty food.


Then all students gather for the Assembly which is very energetic and make them full of life. Prayer session is conducted with some prayers and motivational song to the beat and rhythm of traditional drums. There is well known saying “Healthy mind resides in a healthy body”. A short drill of P.T. /exercise is conducted by all and followed by the National Anthem which breeds in us Patriotism and Zeal.

The Students disperse to their respective class rooms for 40 minutes class in EHV and Main lessons. After that normal classes begin.


There is a Snacks Break after three periods which recharge students for further lessons. There are classes again until lunch.


The lunch provided to the students is tasty, has lot of variety and off course nutritious.The lunch energizes us for the rest of the day. Lessons follow from 1:40 P.M. to 2.40 P.M. after that they meet for study hours.


Once the students return after the school, light refreshment welcomes them back at the hostel.


The next little while is play time at the outdoor playground. This session is for field games like badminton , basket ball, volley ball etc. which build in students a sense of team spirit, commandership, sportsman spirit, respect to others and various other qualities and traits which enables them to improve their own personalities.


In the evening session students engage in NAM SMARNA and Bhajans

are sung that include all Dharmas . This session helps the students to calm their mind, body and soul with the power of melodious Bhajans sung by the group of students with proper rhythm and Ragas.


Dinner follows after this and then one and half hour study time and then the day close with Night prayer. Lights are switched off at 10:30 P.M. to allow for Good Night rest for their growing body and mind after a packed day.

Typical Weekend

Mostly everybody likes this day and waits for it to come so that he can relax and recharge himself. The students always like this day to come so that he could get a break from a hectic schedule and heavy work load. This day comes after a long wait of six days. Sunday comes as a boon especially for students because they can engage themselves in recreational activities like painting, Group singing, Dancing, Skits, Plays, etc.


Waking up on a Sunday morning is never a problem. The meal on Sunday is a very special one, we eat to our fill and then sleep like logs. After that we go for the Valuable / Patriotic / Motivational Movie Session, Counseling Session also goes on Sunday to get the personal reviews of an individual. It is usually spent trying to check out a schedule for the next week and also adding a few things about what we intend to do the next Saturday and Sunday. After a good weekend the Monday is welcomed with a great Smile.

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